College Care Package Companies (The Best One)

College Care Package Companies (The Best One)

What happens when you take two Iowa State University engineering students that have a passion for entrepreneurship and charitable giving and leave them together in a room for long enough? Jery Crate happens. 

Even after being forced to move to different cities we managed to launch Jery Crate together. This is as much a testament to our friendship as it is to the unwavering dedication we have to our business and our customers. 

Jeremy is currently a senior at Iowa State majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Ryan graduated this year (2018) and is working as an engineer for Honeywell in Kansas City.

We hope you enjoy building care packages with Jery Crate as much as we enjoyed building this business together. Your purchases at Jery Crate help support us as well as fund our charitable giving to the Red Cross!

Thank You,

Jeremy and Ryan

Jery Crate