Receiving Care Packages in College

You have finals next week and the stress is mounting. You can't remember the last time you got eight hours of sleep in a night. Then it happens. You get the notification. You have received a package. "I don't remember ordering a textbook" you think to yourself as you go pick up the package. Then you feel the rush of excitement as you realize that it is a care package from home. You run back to your overly cramped dorm room and tear the care package open. It feels just like Christmas morning! You quickly eat everything in sight as you haven't eaten anything today,except for that banana you stole from the school dining hall last week. 

Then your roommate start sniffing around your precious care package. You have to quickly decide which foods to hoard and which foods to share with your roommate. Your poor roommate doesn't have an awesome family that sends them care packages. Then two days later you realize you have already eaten a month's worth of snacks. Nothing compares to the sadness of having no food left in your room. There is nothing you can do now except stare longingly out the window awaiting your next care package. Mom, Dad you're the best. Please send more food... 

This post accurately depicts receiving a college care package in a nutshell.

-Jery Crate